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Our NANO masks are FFP2 certified and feature a modern half-face mask design. Thanks to the adjustable ear loops and the adjustable strap, our masks can also be used with helmets and will no longer fall off unintentionally. This product design has also already been registered as a new EU design. In addition, the masks can be washed up to 20 times and are packed individually welded to guarantee the highest level of hygiene protection.

FFP2 Nano Maske with ePTFE Filter, washable: buy now !


Due to current regulations, it is mandatory in many areas, but also otherwise useful, to wear a protective mask that covers the mouth as well as the nose. Here it is important that the mask is breathable but also fits comfortably and can be easily removed and put on. Thanks to the ear loops and the strap, this nano mask is comfortable to wear, but also very easy to put on and take off. The mask can not fall off, because it always hangs on the strap around the neck Breathing is facilitated thanks to the nano-ePTFE membrane, because it has a low ventilation resistance.

The mask consists of 4 layers:
1st layer: antibacterial, antiviral functional cotton fabric;
2nd layer: composite of nano ePTFE membrane and non-woven fabric;
3rd layer: composite of nano ePTFE membrane and nonwoven fabric;
4th layer: antibacterial, antiviral functional cotton fabric.

1st layer: antibacterial antiviral functional fabric made of cotton, the functional fabric has antibacterial antiviral finishing agent, which attacks the shell of protein and polysaccharide, denatures it and accelerates the degradation of viral RNA to kill bacteria and virus This function has been tested by the authority, the killing rate of bacteria and virus is 99.9%, it is safe and harmless to human.

2nd and 3rd layer: the nano PTFE membrane has a spider web-like micro pore structure, the 3D structure has very complex changes, such as mesh connection. Thanks to the nano materials, which have similar size to viruses, can effectively trap substances such as viruses, bacteria, aerosols and the like. Its filtration rate≥98.3%, physical filtration is more stable, protection level higher than FFP3 standard.

4th layer: antibacterial and antiviral functional layer made of cotton fabric, the same material as the first layer, it can prevent bacteria and viruses from multiplying on the mask.

Sustainability is a big concern not only for us but also for more and more people. Our mask can be washed up to 20 times, saving the environment and also your wallet.
Washing instructions:
Please do not wash the mask in the washing machine, only hand wash in a 30 degrees C warm water, do not use detergent! Swish in a sink the mask for 30 seconds through the water, no rubbing or scrubbing! After that please air dry the mask.

- EN 149:2001+A1:2009
- FFP2
- multilayer with filter membrane (without valve )
- Antiallergic
- Air permeable
- Glass fiber free
- Latex free
- with adjustable ear loops
- with adjustable strap
- Breathing protection mask
- mouth guard
- fine dust mask
- EU certified
- Washable


FFP2 Nano Maske with ePTFE Filter, washable: buy now !