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Our partners

The final customer is our most important partner. He will only buy our product if we are able to convince him in a lasting way. And he will only buy it again – either from us our one of our trade partners – if he is completely satisfied. A fast and efficient customer service rounds off the package and is our standard.

We listen to our customers. We want to know their wishes and needs. We use them as a basis to formulate ideas and implement concepts. The end of this process leads to the product, a product developed from customer requirements.

Trade partners

We carefully select our trade partners in the specialist shop and mail order business. Again, we thereby do not focus on turnovers but on our partners’ satisfaction and mutual success with our products. Together with our partners we develop marketing opportunities and support them in their activities in a targeted way.
We are currently working for customers in the whole European area, in some cases in Eastern Europe even outside the EU. We are striving for a stable position in the EU and deepening our already existing cooperations in the USA and Asia.